Navigating Setbacks Through Journaling


I rarely begin my post this way, but why not? Let's do an activity together. Think about your 2022 until this point. If each month represented a difficulty you faced, make a list of them.

For example:

      January-Lost, my job

      February-Child support payments ceased

      March-Someone hit my car

      April-I got a minor break

      June-Found, a new job, catching up on bills

      July-Still trying to catch up

      August-Almost there

By now, you get the picture. In your journal, write each adversity and how you handled it. If you run from it, own that.

Was your response healthy (mentally, emotionally, & physically), or did more mishaps occur because of your reactions?

 For each month/challenge, write out your feelings. Pour your heart on paper, telling the who, what, when, where, why, and how it all made you feel.

For each adversity you listed for each month, consider these questions:

Have you grieved the loss of your job?

Have you petitioned the court about child support?

What was the outcome of the car?

How is the new job going? I understand you needed one, but did you settle? Does your skillet and your pay rate align?

Are you still trying to play catch up with the bills?

Is there a hobby you have that can turn into a side hustle to help you get caught up? Has there been any plan to create lasting change, or are you settling with the outcomes a potentially harmful mindset produced?

You may wonder how to manage your life and be a parent, but it is possible. Work from homes jobs allows us the opportunity to be more present in our children's lives and provide that nurturance they need.


Tip: Create a routine and seek time management help if you need help understanding how you will get things done.

These are all things to ask yourself and journal about, curating a plan for each one at a time. Whatever we need to face, we should try so that we can move beyond the current reality. It all can be very stressful. Setbacks sometimes knock the wind out of us, but we must learn to fight for what's right. We fight for everything else but not ourselves, and that's a problem.


You Got This!

Thanks for reading!

I hope the information shared helps you discover what's limiting you and the steps to take to overcome it.

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