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4 Ways to Create Lasting Change

  When I think of lasting change, I think about the thing I desire to change, having an effect for a long time. I have made changes in areas of my life, but the change did not last. While I was ready to do better, I fell off at some point. Once I began to go within, I learned why I could make some changes and why it was easy for me to fall back into old patterns. The change had not taken root. Because there wasn’t a good foundation to build, I returned to how I did things before. In most cases, I would be triggered and respond the way I did before, which brings me to my first point. Healing is necessary to create change that continues to exist.  Yes, I am talking about healing. You should know me by now, and  I'll talk about it until we get it. Once we heal the triggers, the old ways of responding can no longer hinder us. Recovery involves learning what is interfering with you and creating a plan to overcome it. Yes, make a list of your limiting beliefs and invest in a coach to hel