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Navigating Betrayal: Identifying the Stage You’re In & Learning to Process Your Feelings

Mark 14:44, ESV: “ Now the betrayer had given them a sign, saying, The one I will kiss is the man. Seize him and lead him away under guard.”   When we think of betrayal, disloyalty, and being sold out comes to mind. Someone has broken our trust, deceived us, or hurt us. When caught, it is quickly said, “it was not intentional,” but how can it not be when it began with a thought? The act was thought about and then acted upon, so how could that not be intentional? If we kept it real, it is because we are a people that do not take accountability and own the fact that we are bruised and damaging to others. We want to do what we want and what we have been allowed to do.   I have experienced betrayal in the following ways: Friends siding with the enemy. Family assassinating my character. Co-workers were spreading rumors. Not being defended & More   Because of the shame and humiliation associated with betrayal, I found my way back to Depression Avenue, and each time was worse than the la

You Will Make it Through

  Allow me to encourage you; you will make it through. I do not know what is draining you mentally, emotionally, or physically but you will make it through.   Last year whipped our ass in more ways than one. I got some licks in, but the gut punches dropped me. While the moments I was down to catch my wind seemed like months, I got back up with a strategy. I studied my enemy and the moves it made to take me out, so when I rose again, I did so with knowledge and power. It is only power because I applied it. What would it profit me to learn and never use what I learned during those adverse times? I went through a season of unpaid invoices, taking care of a family member, deciding to leave a toxic work environment, and accepting what I thought I had with someone I did not.   All of this happened back to back. It was a lot. I did not know where to start unpacking it all. The mental exhaustion got the best of me, so I decided my first step was to get some rest. While resting, I began having

From Pit to Purpose

  Do you feel trapped? Is there a feeling you will never escape despite your trying? I have been in cycles like that, too. I once gave up on trying. It was comfortable staying the way I was because I did not have to exert a lot of energy changing. Well, I realized that mindset was stealing my life. It was robbing me of the life I could have had. The life on the other side of all that I had been through. While it was within my reach, my perspective on life kept the door locked. My pit of choice was stagnancy because of depression, unhealthy thought processes, low self-worth, and constant shrinking to make others feel good. Take a moment to ask yourself and write what your pit (s) look like in your journal. Be honest with yourself and list what keeps you stuck. Pits could be: Faulty Mindset Toxic Relationship Toxic Work Environment The pain you will not address Controlling Ideologies Your Beliefs Trying to fit in & More When we think of a pit, we think of a black hole. It is dark and