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Unproductive Choices

I meditated at length on a dream I had yesterday when it finally hit me that I was seeing how we make unproductive choices without giving much thought to what we are doing. I won't go in detail about the dream but there was an act done that many do. The person I saw in the dream I personally did not know them to do it, so I had to look deeper. There was a point in my life I would have dismissed such a dream and questioned my thoughts, what I saw on TV, or what I was listening to prior to bedtime. This time it was different, something would not allow me to dismiss a potential clue. I read about this in the Old Testament but I was not reading then from the lens I read from now. And to cross reference I do see it in the New Testament. We have gifts, we have talents, we have purpose, we have opportunity, yet we remain unproductive.  When we learn that answers lie within us we will be more careful to really understand what we are seeing and how it applies to us individually.

Birth of the Strong Woman Syndrome

I am screaming internally for help, but something is preventing my mouth from opening. It won’t open, so I chock on what’s overwhelming me. Someone sees me choking then performs the Heimlich Maneuver. The maneuver saved me, thank God.  But what happens when my choking goes unnoticed and the moment, I am about to succumb to such distress is the day I am supposed to break free and learn to seek help, but I refuse.  Last year I was a guest on the podcast Dope Conversations with Erica Warren. We spoke about a few things, but the “Strong Woman Syndrome” was the conversation topic. I have had an issue with this for years. I recall a time in my life I was about to lose everything because I would not ask for help. I got a second job and attempted to fix it myself but never asked for help. Having that second job was not producing what I needed, and it was wearing me down: mentally, physically, and spiritually.  In a moment, I felt comfortable sharing with someone what was happening. Simu

Identifying and Processing Setbacks

Setbacks are hiccups or speed bumps that are not supposed to bring you to a screeching halt. They are more like those things that slow down progress so that you can get a closer look at what is going on. There may be some modifications needed or areas within yourself that need adjusting.  However, some forms of setbacks are not as easy to deal with as others; with the right perspective, you will see it as a time to refresh and get back in the game.   Have you ever been in the middle of watching your favorite television show to have it interrupted by a broadcast signal intrusion? The message played then you were able to continue watching afterward.  It did not completely stop your favorite show just interrupted it. You may have missed details, but you were able to move forward. Well, we experience these setbacks emotionally as well. It throws us off our game; it’s like getting punched without warning. It takes a minute to regain momentum, but it does not completely stop you.  Even