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You Touched a Wound

  You Touched a Wound!   I looked up the etymology of offense, and it read, “wounding the feelings of, or displeasing, another.”   Have you ever wounded the feelings of another person? Did you know you could hurt feelings and not know it initially? They won’t tell you they will start moving differently.   Or maybe you are someone that is offended by everything. If so, you are in a lot of pain that you should process. The offense will come, but it does not have to feel like someone penetrating an already sore wound.   I used to get offended a lot. Offenses caused me to walk away from people prematurely, give up on my goals, and fall into depressive states. It was terrible, but when something offended me, it triggered a wound. When those wounds opened, I responded the same way I did when I first experienced the circumstance that caused the injury.   My life was a sinking ship. My self-esteem was low; I did not believe in anything I did. I would emotionally spiral out