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Faces of Grief

       New Morning, New Mercies, Recommit     After losing both of my grandmothers and an aunt last year, I realized that grief was a strange place. In addition to physically losing them, I had to withdraw my energy from several. If 2023 were a chapter title, it would be “Dark Night of the Soul.” I was tired and no longer cared if I talked to certain people, and masks began to fall off faces. I accepted where I was and the red flags I pretended were not red that ultimately held me back. By the end of 2023, I had curated a plan to move forward and navigate life differently. I needed to step back, recalibrate, and begin again.  My paternal grandmother passed in January 2023. I was figuring out a lot about my personal life during that time. I realized who had my best interest at heart and determined what I would do about it. It was a lot going on. Her passing caused me to think a lot about my life and the legacy I wanted to leave behind. Grandma Gus was a great woman; we had many conversa