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Taking Your Power Back

  ARE YOU READY TO TAKE YOUR POWER BACK? I need you to have that enough is enough anger when you say this because I am serious. Before we get too deep, if you want to know what people mean when they make this statement, I will explain it in one sentence. Having an understanding makes this declaration even more powerful. So here goes when you regain your power, you face your wounds and deal with them .   ●   It means you are not allowing the pain to darken you but taking steps to heal and become a better version of yourself. No one will have the power to gaslight you because you have established boundaries and built confidence. You have taken your control back. ●   It means you have identified your triggers and are working on unpacking them. You have stopped complaining about what happened and have rewritten the narrative. ●   To take your power back means not allowing anyone else to silence you.   If we do not do the inner work, the pain still holds power to dictate every move we

The Pits I Dug

  I contributed to a book about the pits I landed in due to how I responded to life’s challenges. How I responded became a detrimental habit I fought to break free from. I was destroying my life from the inside out. Life was grand when things were good, but emotional turmoil was my portion when the toxic pattern kicked in.   While journaling yesterday, I thought about my pit experiences. Yes, experience (s). There were many, some I dug for myself. One author in the same book referenced above talked about how she stayed too long in terrible relationships. As I journaled, I cried, thinking about how my decision to remain in spaces longer than needed caused great mental and emotional calamity. Yes, I experienced abuse mentally and emotionally. I experienced betrayal trauma, but the red flags were clear before getting too deep. I had dreams; I heard song lyrics and even had a few messages warning me, but I overrode my intuition. My gut screamed to run the other way, but I stayed.  

Saving The Little You

  I have a few questions for you. Once you have answered, then continue reading to learn why I asked.   Are you a self-sabotaging? Do you get in your way? When you go through things, is the way you cope unhealthy? Is your self-esteem low? Do you struggle in your relationships with others? Have you experienced depression?   So how did you do? Take out your journal and write your feelings about your responses to the questions.   Your response determines if your inner child needs healing. They say, "no child is left behind," yet we always leave them behind.   1.     The you that was bullied at school and home. 2.     The you that went without food. 3.     The you that experienced physical abuse. 4.     The middle school, you experiencing a nasty divorce between your parents.   5. The 16-year-old you so in love experiencing heartbreak; she needs to be saved too. They all need to be saved!   At each stage, you experienced adversity that shaped how you feel about yourself; t