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Trapped In The Shadows

  Are you happy? No, not pleased because you have objects. I mean, are you fired up about your way of life? If the material things were not there, would it trouble you?   So what work do you do for a living? Are you delighted about that? Does it contribute to your complete satisfaction to go about your day knowing you have that career to look forward to? Is that your heart's desire, or are you carrying out what the family expects you to?   Did nursing school intrigue you because of the money, or some guy said he loved women in uniform? Maybe your family convinced you to take that route because you have nurses in the family, making that a suitable career. Is that what YOU want to do?   Are your siblings performing well, and do your parents think you should have a career like theirs? You may do piercings and love it, but Tiffany is a lawyer, and Jacob is a banker, and those careers look better on the family resume than what you are doing.   Were you mapping out a plan to start a bus

Where Can I Find The Healer?

  Excuse me, where do I find the healer? I am overwhelmed with sadness; I cannot think straight, and my stomach is in knots have no idea what to do with my life. One moment I feel like I am getting a grip on life; the other, I want nothing to do with it. Where is the healer? What direction do I go in to reach where I will find my healer? Please help me! I do not know how much more of this I can take.   No one could help me; they just stood there pointing. When I turned around to see the direction everyone suggested, there was no one there.   I went on with my head down, hoping to find someone else I could ask for directions. As I traveled, I prayed to God; please help me. Please help me to find my way. I am suffering; this is all too much to bear. I want to die. My soul is not at rest. I am fighting an internal war, and the wounds are crippling me. How much further can I go before it is over?   Then I saw signs of life. Maybe they can help me. As I approached them, they stood to greet