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From Goals to Accomplished, Goal Setting Made Easy

  Before we get into the meat of this article, let me get this off my chest.   Consistency is a principal key to success. I know it can be upsetting after two videos, and you have not gone viral. The things that we want will take work, and if that means showing up daily to ensure your end goal is met, show up. Be intentional about your goals and implement the steps to reach them. You want it, right? Put yourself in a position to succeed by being as productive as possible and getting proper rest.   Are you tired of hearing about goal setting? I know, and so am I.   I was just kidding! I love setting goals and helping others do the same. The joy and excitement that pours from me when I check off actions and follow through with my plan feel next-level astonishing. Writing your vision and making it plain is only the beginning. Most write a lot down, but we never act on it. If we do act, we fall off for several reasons. I get it; life happens, and things come up: we have babies, experience

Identifying What's Limiting You

When you think about a limitation, think about a goal you desire to accomplish, but something limits your access to it. Sometimes, you have begun the work and are almost finished when suddenly progress halts. While in other instances, you can’t seem to get started. What do you think is limiting you? Is it what you feel about yourself or your daily routine? Maybe there is a lack of support in your relationships or a career draining you. In my work, there are multiple factors, but I address the client mindset first. What does the client believe about themselves? Then we determine where the beliefs originate and devise a plan of action to change that dialogue?  The worst thing about a false belief is that when it is rehearsed, it becomes part of our DNA and will take intentional work to uproot. We hold on to things that do not serve us, depending on where they came from. If mom said it is true, or Grandma told me, then it must be accurate, right? We hang on, refusing to see that we are

A Journals Burden

  You hold so much. If you don't, who will? I can't! It is too much for me to carry. For a long time, I tried, but I ended up seeing a chiropractor. IT AFFECTS EVERYTHING when I hold it all, and my health deteriorates. But you are different; it does not weigh you down as it does me. You carry it with grace. I was supposed to learn to carry my hurt with grace, but I failed that class. My hair was falling out, my skin was breaking out, and I was gaining weight; it was too much for me. You look the same, though, unbothered, full of pain. How do you do it? I am glad you do it. I trust I can be safe with you. You allow me to say how I feel without using it against me. Unless you fall into the wrong hands, that can be detrimental.   Whenever I cast my cares upon you, my tears tell me my core temperature as they fall warm upon my face. Once the rain stops, my shirt needs changing; I am shaking and feeling faint. Does that show I released it all for that session? I hope so. I have enou