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From Goals to Accomplished, Goal Setting Made Easy


Before we get into the meat of this article, let me get this off my chest.


Consistency is a principal key to success. I know it can be upsetting after two videos, and you have not gone viral. The things that we want will take work, and if that means showing up daily to ensure your end goal is met, show up. Be intentional about your goals and implement the steps to reach them. You want it, right? Put yourself in a position to succeed by being as productive as possible and getting proper rest.


Are you tired of hearing about goal setting? I know, and so am I.


I was just kidding! I love setting goals and helping others do the same. The joy and excitement that pours from me when I check off actions and follow through with my plan feel next-level astonishing. Writing your vision and making it plain is only the beginning. Most write a lot down, but we never act on it. If we do act, we fall off for several reasons. I get it; life happens, and things come up: we have babies, experience death in the family, change jobs, relationships end, succumb to career burnout, or suffer financially. These things happen daily, and they all can affect our progress. I strongly suggest investing in niche-specific counseling or coaching if any of these occur. Counseling is not only to discuss problems but to help you navigate through tough decisions. Depending on your desired outcome, a coach can help you devise a plan to stay on track.


Are you aligned?


Deep down, what do you want to do? What is the thing you dreamed of doing as a child? Think about these questions and answer carefully. I have learned that if something is popular to do, that is what people would pursue. All it takes is someone posting a status about God blessing them to make 10k per month, and there goes everyone signing up for their class that leads nowhere for one of two reasons: that is not your heart's desire, or God was used as a marketing technique, and you fell for it. 

 I'm not saying we can't do the same thing. There are more coaches than I can count, so no, that is not it. I am saying to make sure that what you decide to do resonates with you. Don't be the person choosing to do something just to do it and then blame God when it does not work out. Intentions are everything!


Goals to Accomplished


Identify who your clients are: EVERYONE is not for you. If you specialize in braids, wig wearers won't be your clients. 


Brand yourself: logo, brand colors, website, professional headshot, professional email account, brand tagline, etc.


Position your brand: how will you get yourself in front of your ideal client? Get creative with this. There is a lady on TikTok who records videos of her braiding hair. She adds the funniest voiceovers and posts them. Her following and clientele have skyrocketed.


Show up authentically: stop copying content, do not mimic another's personality, do some self-exploration and connect to who you are. What would you do if everyone you take from stopped posting? You would have to figure out who you are. Rather than going through this, figure out who you are.


Remain consistent: even when you take a break, have post-scheduled. I can not say it enough, but we must continue to show up.



Do you want to know a secret?


This is something you do not hear often. Well, here goes, lay a foundation. Yes, you heard it from Coach LaToya Nicole. Before you dive in, lay a foundation. Building on the proper foundation is crucial. We will avoid repeating lessons when we construct on a good foundation.




  1. Do some self-discovery.

  2. Invest in counseling sessions.

  3. Start meditating and journaling daily.

  4. Study your patterns of giving up and devise a plan to combat those patterns.

  5. Get clear about WHY. Knowing why you want to do something allows you to see if you are doing it for yourself or the likes of someone else.

  6. Create a budget for accomplishing your goals.

  7. If you don't have a coach, choose one person you trust to hold you accountable.

  8. Create a schedule and stick to it.





Thanks for reading. I hope the information shared helps you lay a foundation, set your goals, and run with them to the finish. You got this!


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