Identifying What's Limiting You

When you think about a limitation, think about a goal you desire to accomplish, but something limits your access to it. Sometimes, you have begun the work and are almost finished when suddenly progress halts. While in other instances, you can’t seem to get started. What do you think is limiting you? Is it what you feel about yourself or your daily routine? Maybe there is a lack of support in your relationships or a career draining you. In my work, there are multiple factors, but I address the client mindset first. What does the client believe about themselves? Then we determine where the beliefs originate and devise a plan of action to change that dialogue? 

The worst thing about a false belief is that when it is rehearsed, it becomes part of our DNA and will take intentional work to uproot. We hold on to things that do not serve us, depending on where they came from. If mom said it is true, or Grandma told me, then it must be accurate, right? We hang on, refusing to see that we are stuck because of our beliefs. Those agreements may have been good for them, but not for you. I spoke with a client who thought marketing her business was bragging some time ago. After asking probing questions, I found her relatives had taught her that if you tell other people about what you have going on, it is bragging. After we both sat with that for a second, I asked her did she want to close her business? My client, shocked by the question, questioned my reason for asking. I asked her to get her to think about something. I explained that getting clients would be challenging if no one knew what she did.


During that session, we learned the difference between bragging and marketing. Bragging is rooted in arrogance while belittling others for not being on “your level.” Marketing your company means "promoting and selling your products and services." It's advertising, just like commercials. The more significant issue is the inability to recognize this as a false and limiting belief. Having a coach that teaches is excellent, but it is up to us to dig deeper—limiting beliefs hold us back. We deserve to accomplish every dream we have. I mean, WHY NOT?


Some common limiting beliefs are:


  • I lack money and resources
  • Getting my hopes up always leads to disappointment
  • I’ll never be happy
  • Not trying is better than failure
  • No one will support me


There are many others. Scheduling a 1:1 with a coach can help uncover others, but it is up to you to invest and do the work. Grab your journal and complete the journal prompts for the next six days.



Eliminating and replacing limiting beliefs:

  1. What are the most challenging situations in your life? If you could overcome them all, which would make the most impact?
  2. Think about those challenges; what beliefs are keeping you stuck?
  3. Is there any truth to those beliefs? What evidence makes them accurate?
  4. Where did those beliefs originate? Was it a family member, a book you read, or something you heard? If it is a family member, did they accomplish their goals?
  5. How could life change for you if you eliminated those beliefs?
  6. What positive belief would serve you better?




Thanks for reading. I hope the information shared helps you discover what's limiting you and the steps to take to overcome it.

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