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Heal Through Writing

Your 1:1 Counseling session with the Holy Spirit. When the trauma can not be vocalized, smear the lines with the release of your tears. Fill the pages with liquid prayers, and healing is available to you. No longer will you be bound by hurt, pain, or disappointment. Your growth nor will your destiny be stagnant because the identity the trauma created keeps you from being who God has called you. Your time is now; soul care is essential. Materials Needed: Journal (Ear of God) Pen (Your Aaron) Nakedness (Vulnerability)  At times during this process, God may begin to open you up to you. Do not misinterpret dreams as being for someone else. God also deals with you in your dreams, so journal what the Spirit reveals. Journal the unresolved issues and confront them with the Word of God, confession, repentance, and forgiveness. This is your journal; be bold and write what you would never speak. Do the work necessary to get free and stay free.  Identify the problem:  Health problem Thought proce

Family Anatomy, Wide Awake Part II

  So here I am in this lifeless city. How long will I be here this time? I do not want to get comfortable, but I have already been here two days too many. Every street reminded me of my childhood as I walked through, looking for shelter. While I grew up devalued if I made the simplest mistake, male family members did the bare minimum and were exalted. If they failed, it was the women in the family's fault. I learned early men are not to be held accountable.  Wounds such as these were so deep I fought not to succumb to them. Even when I stood up for myself, I felt defeated. Men could do no wrong, but my breathing was an issue if I breathed too deeply. On many levels, I understood that growing up in a black household was one of the hardest things to do.  Explaining something to a man meant I castrated him with my mouth. Not being a doormat meant I was not submissive, and walking away told me I was weak. A woman can’t win. When did this start? Was it the misogyny we are governed by th

The Self-Silencing Effect

  Did you grow up believing that anything you said was wrong? It did not matter what someone did to you; you were awful for talking about it in any way. Unfortunately, this continues to haunt us as adults today. Most of us don't seek therapy to overcome the imprint left by our parents because they make us feel bad for speaking our truth.  In my childhood, my family told me and convinced others I had the worst attitude ever, so speaking up later in life was crippling for me. This has always been how I have been portrayed and felt about myself. My past made me keep quiet while I got trampled over, so I did not want to come off as an evil person by setting boundaries. During a brief stay with my aunt and her boyfriend in Madison, TN, that man spoke to me in the most deplorable ways, and my aunt tolerated it. One evening after school, he entered their apartment, asking me what I was watching on TV. After I answered him, he told me, "You won't be shit watching this bullshit.&qu