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Wide Awake

  Not all of us have been here, but I am here to speak on behalf of those that have. Some feel it but may not understand what is going on, so I hope this helps you take another route before you are too far gone. Master manipulator is not a good enough word to describe the lengths to fool you. They appear to be an angel of light, but by the time you find out they are cesspools for dark energy, you are in the sunken place. Congratulations to those of you who found them out early and decided to run for your life. You may be dating one, raised by them, or one may be your pastor. Learn to identify the signs and move accordingly. The awareness I gained from my experience opened me up like a book. I went from thinking I was utterly insane to being alone in the dark, eating tears wanting to drown in the bathtub. I learned to learn from my experiences. In my learning, I’m healing.    I do not know if all great lessons accompany great pain, but this one took a toll on me mentally, emotionall