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Why You Shouldn't Invest in Negative Self-Talk

    Negative self-talk is damaging!   Have you wondered why you haven't accomplished those goals you set two years ago?  Many create vision boards over and over, year after year, without achieving their goals. The vision seems to fade away after a few months, and we drown in routine. Opportunities have come and gone because we fail to prepare, and some who are on paper are not mentally. I use to be this person. There was a time in my life I was not accomplishing at all. I talked myself out of so much. I have no support, I do not have the finances, I'm not good enough, or I'm a failure. The way I spoke to myself kept me stagnant. The way I talked to myself took root and made accomplishing goals impossible. Whatever I watered grew. I remember others telling me what they saw in me, but I could never receive it because I did not see it. Continually putting myself down led me down a dark, lonely road. A shift in my mindset was needed, inner healing was necessary, replacing t

Identifying When To Invest In A Life Coach

Some life coaches have experienced trauma, healed and overcame it, and are now helping others. They have become who they need for others. Other times, they have mastered an area of their lives and are now helping others who exhibit gifts in that same area. Your need for a coach will depend on where you lack the knowledge or resources to accomplish your goals.   Coaching and consultants are taking the industry by storm. Anything you need, there is someone to help. It is a matter of finding them and making sure they are a good fit. By the end of this article, if you feel you need a coach but not in my area, please email me to help you find who you need.  Life Coaching does for the mind what a personal trainer does for the body. We help with assessing a situation to provide strategies for moving forward. It is a gradual process that allows individuals to dig beneath their thoughts and beliefs to help them understand internal obstacles to their success and wellbeing. Coaches help people

Overcoming Feelings of Unworthiness

Bea Sz. on Unsplash As I evolve in my learning, I realize what I believe affects me emotionally and my behavior. If my thoughts towards myself are off, emotionally, I will be off producing off behavior. There was a time I believed I wasn’t loveable. There was a parental love I wanted so bad, but I did not get it. Yes, years later, I understood my parents loved me in the capacity they received love, but at the moment, I felt rejected and confused. I had a great understanding then that love was not supposed to make me undergo the levels of pain I felt in relationships, so when I kept getting the same thing, I began to internalize that as I wasn’t worthy of love. This thought process haunted me, and it affected every relationship, intimately or socially. I gave all of me away because if I’m not worthy, why bother with the other stuff. All of me physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I was never there for myself. It was about what I believed and the hope that maybe

Cultivating Self-Mastery

    Photo by Anne Nygård on Unsplash We are so selfish , self this and self that. We need to focus on God are the words I heard from someone while participating in group coaching. I cringed in my chair as I discerned the inner outcry from those needing help. I began to hurt as I felt the pain the guests were in and the direction they needed. God is in us, so why aren’t we encouraged to get in tune with who we are?  Why are we still speaking of the creator as an entity outside of us? Why are we still quoting scripture to people without cracking the codes they are? I could feel it in the room that the participants needed strategy, and once again, they were failed and left to figure their way through the loads of horrible advice they received. “Self-Mastery is often defined as self-control, the ability to exert a strong will against your impulses to steer your future. Self-mastery requires having a vision for yourself. We learn self-mastery by getting out of our way.”  When we fail to