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What Deny Your Feelings Sounds Like

Photo by STEPHEN POORE on Unsplash I remembered these words  “Just Be Nice” spoken to me often. After hearing it one too many times, my inner man rejected it, and I rebelled. I began to become frustrated, and I felt pimped.  It did not matter how deplorable treatment towards me was; I was encouraged to remain silent, translating into denying my feelings and suck it up. You need them right now, so chill out; you may need them in the future, so don’t start anything; you are wrong for how you feel, the violation is acceptable, it is okay to be mistreated and mishandled, it is okay to receive less than what I deserve from man. Just be nice to them and not hold anyone accountable for their ways and how they mistreat me. Suck it up and keep pushing; the 2% is better than nothing. However, it is a different story if someone says I am the culprit. It is “off with her head at that point.”   This magnitude of settling is an automatic response due to conditioning. We watched it play