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Change Starts With You

I originally posted this article 21 days into 2020.  I was not sure of the turn 2020 was going to take, but I rode the waves. I could flow with it  because of the inner work I had put in prior. That is not to say I did not experience some things because I did. I just responded differently because my mindset was healing.  So here we are, 2021—the frequency of 2020 remains. We are being lied to, stages are set, and the media is seducing us. We all think we know, but we have no idea of the magnitude of the deception put before us. If we do not turn off the T.V. and get about our business, the world as we know it will look like an episode of The Walking Dead.   We have work to do! Last month I spoke on my podcast for 31 days straight. I shared small changes that will make a big difference in our lives if we continue to put them into practice. Aren't you tired of every year looking the same: New Year, Resolutions, Great Start, Stuck around June, Given up by September.  The old mind ha