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Change Starts With You

I originally posted this article 21 days into 2020.  I was not sure of the turn 2020 was going to take, but I rode the waves. I could flow with it  because of the inner work I had put in prior. That is not to say I did not experience some things because I did. I just responded differently because my mindset was healing.  So here we are, 2021—the frequency of 2020 remains. We are being lied to, stages are set, and the media is seducing us. We all think we know, but we have no idea of the magnitude of the deception put before us. If we do not turn off the T.V. and get about our business, the world as we know it will look like an episode of The Walking Dead.  

We have work to do! Last month I spoke on my podcast for 31 days straight. I shared small changes that will make a big difference in our lives if we continue to put them into practice. Aren't you tired of every year looking the same: New Year, Resolutions, Great Start, Stuck around June, Given up by September.  The old mind has fought and won. This vicious cycle has kept most of us from achieving goals and becoming what we desire.  How many have taken the time to hit the brakes to figure out why? What is causing the stagnancy? Why the same outcome year after year? At this point, it is time to take a look within, time to dig deep, time to open ourselves up and pinpoint the origin of these repeat cycles.  

The first thing we have to understand is that our soul health is essential.  We may want a better life, but we will continue to attract what we give off.  If we are radiating defeat, that is why it keeps finding us year after year.  At some point, seeking a life coach and a counselor is imperative.  A time will come when enough is enough, and internal change will be our top priority.  Mindset shifting is instrumental in achieving the success we desire.  Don't get me wrong, what goes up comes down, so there will be some downswing, but the preparation made during the upswing will always cover us in those moments. 

I once thought it was a good thing that every two years, I was changing employment.  I use to feel that I had given them all they needed, and it was time to move on.  My behavior was a symptom of commitment issues, and that something radiating in my soul was unhealthy.  I was unsettled; relationships did not last beyond this point either. There was something I had to dig up from the root. I did not look at it as such initially because I was not aware of what I am aware of now.  Nothing about what I did in life seemed abnormal.  I was living how I thought I should, making decisions based on what I believed and modeling what I saw growing up to a degree.  What is abnormal about that?  It was not until I got to the point of questioning everything I began to learn. I recall having desires as a child, but where did they go? I wanted to model, write, speak publicly, and so much more. I gave up on myself.  When did I shrink? When did I give up on thinking to become indoctrinated? What brought about the suppression?  Where was LaToya, and why had she retreated?  Where was the passion for the medical field? What took such a drastic turn in my life I left me behind?  I lost sight of what I wanted and settled for an unproductive life of stagnancy.  

The moment I decided to see a therapist, I could feel the shift. I have worked with several at this point. Thanks to advancements in technology and social media, I connected with coaches who helped me immensely. They pulled out things in me I forgot were there. It was an honor to be before people whose plan was not to minimize me. Therapy, life coaching, and taking courses to enhance my understanding, meditation and journaling all equally helped me get where I am. I became a Medical Assistant, and I have been utilizing that certification as a Community Health Worker for the last six years.  Yes, I've been in my current position for longer than two years. Finally, I understood what God was trying to communicate with me; if I wanted better, my mindset had to change, my brain needed rewiring. I had to begin to radiate on a higher frequency and believe in myself.  And so can you.  Evaluate life as you know it and make those changes to see different outcomes. If you are not seeing progress the way you are doing it now, that's an indication modification is needed. 


"Change your mindset, change your life."


If this article helped you, please share it on your platforms with others. Someone may need this level of understanding that will spark activation in them as well. I am a Certified Belief Therapist and Life Coach. If you need my services, schedule a clarity call by clicking the link below. 

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