Heal Through Writing

Your 1:1 Counseling session with the Holy Spirit. When the trauma can not be vocalized, smear the lines with the release of your tears. Fill the pages with liquid prayers, and healing is available to you. No longer will you be bound by hurt, pain, or disappointment. Your growth nor will your destiny be stagnant because the identity the trauma created keeps you from being who God has called you. Your time is now; soul care is essential.

Materials Needed:

  1. Journal (Ear of God)

  2. Pen (Your Aaron)

  3. Nakedness (Vulnerability) 

  • At times during this process, God may begin to open you up to you. Do not misinterpret dreams as being for someone else. God also deals with you in your dreams, so journal what the Spirit reveals. Journal the unresolved issues and confront them with the Word of God, confession, repentance, and forgiveness. This is your journal; be bold and write what you would never speak. Do the work necessary to get free and stay free. 

  1. Identify the problem: 

  1. Health problem

  2. Thought process

  3. Repeat situations in life

  4. Traumatic experience 

  1. Search out the Word of God to determine what the Bible says about your problem:

  1. Look for root causes and how they can be overcome.

  1. Confess your role in developing this root, repent, and seek God for deliverance. If your problem is bitterness, write out what happened to cause you to be bitter. Write what role you played in the situations, repent, forgive yourself (if you have been hurt, think about who you have hurt), and seek God to make you whole. 

  1. Research the etymology of words such as bitterness, trauma, addiction, fornication, etc. (whatever your problem is); you will find out how these words affect health and be able to get a deeper understanding of why you must be free.

  1. For each scripture you find, write a simple prayer to God. 

  1. If you have a health problem and one of your scriptures is Isaiah 53:5, your prayer would go like this: 

"Father, in Jesus' name, you said in your word that by your stripes I am healed; therefore, I receive my healing now. Diabetes (Insert health problem here) was nailed to the cross in Jesus' name. Amen"

  1. Take the Word 3x times a day as you would a prescription:

  1. Choose a verse to stand on. In the morning, noon, and night, confess the word as if it is already done. Every 30 days, change your verse and repeat. 

  2. Write a list of affirmations for daily use. Meditate on them. Whenever you want to complain or think negatively about the situations you have endured or are enduring during this process, replace those thoughts with the Word of God. 

This is a lifelong process. Whenever one area is healed, there is another to work on.

Begin today.


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