Saving The Little You

 I have a few questions for you. Once you have answered, then continue reading to learn why I asked.


Are you a self-sabotaging? Do you get in your way?

When you go through things, is the way you cope unhealthy?

Is your self-esteem low?

Do you struggle in your relationships with others?

Have you experienced depression?


So how did you do? Take out your journal and write your feelings about your responses to the questions.


Your response determines if your inner child needs healing. They say, "no child is left behind," yet we always leave them behind.


1.     The you that was bullied at school and home.

2.     The you that went without food.

3.     The you that experienced physical abuse.

4.     The middle school, you experiencing a nasty divorce between your parents.


5. The 16-year-old you so in love experiencing heartbreak; she needs to be saved too.

They all need to be saved!


At each stage, you experienced adversity that shaped how you feel about yourself; therefore, each part of you that was hurt needs you to go back and help them process what happened so they can move forward.


Many adults have the emotional capacity of a child because they never went back to save the little them. Unaddressed pain can completely darken a person. When we heal, it ushers us into purpose. You owe it to yourself and your future to rescue the little you.


During meditation one morning, I had to visualize the 7-year-old Toya, humiliated by a teacher and teased by the entire class. I was in second grade, wearing a scent my grandmother put on me. The assistant teacher said she smelled something stinky and sniffed us all. I knew I had on my grandmother's good stuff, so never in a million years did I think she would stop at me and expose to everyone it was me. To add insult to injury, she lined the class up so they could smell and mock me.

They pushed further an already sad little girl into that pit, so much so it would take her two decades to climb out.


Go back and save the little you! I have listed some things you can do below to kick-start the process. Take the time to work on your personal development. You owe it to yourself!


  1. Acknowledge your inner child is wounded and needs healing.

  2. Your inner child screams out in pain; you can recognize this when triggered. Listen to her/him.

  3. Write a letter to your younger self. Everything you need to hear, tell your inner you.

  4. Journal daily.

  5. Recall what made you happy as a child and do those things.

  6. Seek counseling.



I hope you learn to stop pretending and heal those wounds. I understand family inflicted many, and we were taught to be loyal to people, even though they hurt us. Unaddressed pain leads to health conditions, so do this for yourself and forget how anyone else feels. If you want to stop the cycles, the power is in your hands to do so.




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