Taking Your Power Back



I need you to have that enough is enough anger when you say this because I am serious. Before we get too deep, if you want to know what people mean when they make this statement, I will explain it in one sentence. Having an understanding makes this declaration even more powerful. So here goes when you regain your power, you face your wounds and deal with them.


  It means you are not allowing the pain to darken you but taking steps to heal and become a better version of yourself. No one will have the power to gaslight you because you have established boundaries and built confidence. You have taken your control back.

  It means you have identified your triggers and are working on unpacking them. You have stopped complaining about what happened and have rewritten the narrative.

  To take your power back means not allowing anyone else to silence you.


If we do not do the inner work, the pain still holds power to dictate every move we make. I allowed shame, rejection, and abandonment to take my passion every time I set out to accomplish goals. My thoughts would default to past decisions of how things would not work. I overgeneralized everything because once or twice something did not go according to plan. My mindset was a hot mess. I soared one layer at a time when I faced the root of those emotional catastrophes. Adversities happen, but they are not debilitating as they once were. Do you know why? Because I took my power back, and so can you!


Here are some ways you can take your power back:

  1. Face your traumas.

  2. Establish boundaries.

  3. Forgive yourself.

  4. Stop trying to prove yourself to other people.

  5. Reframe negative experiences and find the silver lining.

  6. Make your self-worth independent of others' opinions.

  7. Magnify your strengths and build upon them.




Twelve other authors and I wrote a book taking our power back in the new anthology. We told what happened within the walls of our childhood homes, breaking the cycle of "what happens in this house, stays in this house," and we want the same for you. If you are ready to interrupt some patterns, grab a copy of our new book for ONLY .99 by clicking the link below. You will be glad you did; allow these women to encourage and inspire you to reclaim your voice.


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