You Will Make it Through


Allow me to encourage you; you will make it through. I do not know what is draining you mentally, emotionally, or physically but you will make it through.


Last year whipped our ass in more ways than one. I got some licks in, but the gut punches dropped me. While the moments I was down to catch my wind seemed like months, I got back up with a strategy. I studied my enemy and the moves it made to take me out, so when I rose again, I did so with knowledge and power. It is only power because I applied it. What would it profit me to learn and never use what I learned during those adverse times?

I went through a season of unpaid invoices, taking care of a family member, deciding to leave a toxic work environment, and accepting what I thought I had with someone I did not.

 All of this happened back to back. It was a lot. I did not know where to start unpacking it all. The mental exhaustion got the best of me, so I decided my first step was to get some rest. While resting, I began having dreams about how to move forward. I needed to tackle one thing at a time, so I got the family member where they needed to be so I could solely focus on LaToya. I’ve been focusing on myself since. I canceled those invoices and took a mental note of who never to offer my services to again. I left the toxic work environment, and now I am at peace. It is all about deciding, processing what happened, and moving forward.  The key to processing is accepting it happened and that there is nothing you can do to go back and change, but you can rewrite the narrative as you move forward.


While other things came up after I experienced these setbacks,  I am smooth sailing now, reaping the rewards of staying the course. I am on the course because I responded differently and used the knowledge to get me to shore. My new book, The Coaches Connect Volume II, is about getting you to shore. This book I recently wrote with 15 other professionals functioning in different capacities provides real-life setbacks and the strategies to navigate them.


Reaching shore seemed unattainable, but the moment we adjusted our focus like Jesus did the blind man, we saw the trees too.


You will make it through! Say it, believe it, and sit with it. Whatever you are going through, the tools, strategies & support are present to help you. Make the decision today to invest in your personal development. I know what I know because I invested and practiced until those new ways of doing things took root. The old way does not serve you, do something different. This, too, will pass when you put in the work to get to shore.



Thanks for reading!

I hope the information shared encourages you to consider what you are going through, learn from it, and move forward. I've been where you are, and with some redirecting, you, too, can navigate through and overcome this adversity.


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