From Pit to Purpose


Do you feel trapped? Is there a feeling you will never escape despite your trying? I have been in cycles like that, too. I once gave up on trying. It was comfortable staying the way I was because I did not have to exert a lot of energy changing. Well, I realized that mindset was stealing my life. It was robbing me of the life I could have had. The life on the other side of all that I had been through. While it was within my reach, my perspective on life kept the door locked.

My pit of choice was stagnancy because of depression, unhealthy thought processes, low self-worth, and constant shrinking to make others feel good.

Take a moment to ask yourself and write what your pit (s) look like in your journal. Be honest with yourself and list what keeps you stuck.

Pits could be:

  • Faulty Mindset
  • Toxic Relationship
  • Toxic Work Environment
  • The pain you will not address
  • Controlling Ideologies
  • Your Beliefs
  • Trying to fit in
  • & More

When we think of a pit, we think of a black hole. It is dark and lonely, and you feel all alone—my book Alone In the Dark details my pit experience. Webster defines a pit as a cavity in the ground. My pit experience was so dark I did not know if I could make it out. I kept holding on to hurt, disappointment, and people that were emotionally destroying me. Before seeking professional help, most of the decisions I made were through the lens of my faulty thinking, which the pits produced.

By this time next year, there can be a new you if you face what's limiting you, curate a plan to overcome it, and remain consistent in protecting your mental health at all costs.

Thanks for reading!

The pit does not have to be your emotional or mental residence. You can overcome anything that has you stuck if you are willing. I've been where you are, and with some redirecting, you, too, can navigate through and overcome adversity.


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