Navigating Overwhelm


According to Webster, they define overwhelm as overcome by superior force or numbers. Just reading that definition was triggering as I recalled the times, I was so overwhelmed with life I wanted nothing to do with it. When we go through things back-to-back, it feels like they bury us in them. It’s hard to resurface when we need help to figure out where to dig. The best advice I can offer is to dig. The more we dig, the more we see the sunshine; once a way of escape has been made, don’t stop there. We must evaluate the forces, determine how they sunk their teeth in us, and create a plan to navigate those circumstances.

From personal experience,  assessing the damage helps us to grow. Every time we experience weather we are not used to here in Louisiana, there is always a plan in place, just in case we experience it again. It may catch us by surprise the first time, but we are ready to get through with ease the next time. The same way the city learns from the previous difficulties is the same way we should. I tell people that you now have a blueprint once they have made it out. If you want to help others, monetize your blueprint and start saving lives.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, here are some things you can do to steer through:

  1. Hit the pause button. Yes, it is time to grab that journal you are avoiding and write about everything that is weighing on you. We make sense of things when we can see them on paper.
  2. Prioritize. Once you have everything written, put them in an order you would like to devise a plan to overcome. Some may be quick fixes, while others may take some time. Let’s start with the most formidable force first.
  3. Get support. A counselor or a coach can help you gain clarity and guide you during difficult times.
  4. Set boundaries. If you find that a lot of what is overwhelming you are things you have taken on from others, it is time to get those boundaries in order. No is a complete sentence.
  5. Unwind. Taking mental breaks is essential. Mental clutter depletes us, so do something different to reset.

Thanks for reading!

I hope the information shared helps you plot a route through whatever overwhelms you. Ive been where you are, and with some redirecting, you, too, can navigate through and overcome this adversity.


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