Pathway to Acceptance


In my next book, I will share how I overcame rejection. Rejection is a topic many deal with that starts in childhood and continues to linger into adulthood. We find ourselves excluded by our loved ones, only to affiliate with groups and organizations that further reject us. We want to fit in so badly that we unknowingly give offthat scent. When the sharks smell blood, game on. They welcome you initially, make you feel safe, then you open up and talk about your pain points to have those same pain points used to break you further. The sharks are capitalizing on your fear of rejection, knowing you would do anything to belong. Once they are done with you, you have more wounds and are worse off than you started. Every time this happens, the teeth sink deeper. Pulling them out of the gash to get help frightens you even more because you could bleed to death, so you let them stay, pretend you are okay and find another situation to get in, repeating the cycle.


Just as we need food and water, we need to belong. The sting of feeling ostracized hurt the same as a physical injury. I know because this has been my life. I have never been accepted, and the only way I could get out of that was to learn to put confidence in myself. Because I affirm myself, it does not bother me when people do not want me in their spaces; I just move accordingly. If you learn nothing from this article, please remember to accept yourself. Rejection is shameful. I have been through this with family, friends, partners, in church, and on jobs. Before I received myself, these experiences adversely affected my view of myself, damaging my self-esteem. I had shared before that my self-esteem was negative. I was completely bankrupt.


You do not have to become someone else; you can be yourself.


Kickstart your Pathway to Self-Acceptance with:


      Journal about the rejection and how it has affected your life.

      Love who you are and accept your differences.

      Understand your differences are not inferiorities; they make up who you are.

      Trust yourself and stand by your values.

      Seek professional help to help you navigate the sting of being rejected.

      Develop your style and creative flair.

      Spend time with those who love you for you.

      Make a list of your outstanding qualities, and turn them into affirmations.



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