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I've Had Enough

 Proceed with caution


No one disrespects a small business like our own people. What is so weird about that is that some of the main ones have small businesses. I see why people would instead hit a clock than deal with the foolishness. I do both. I am an employee and a business owner, and I did not want to do either in the last few weeks. I took a break, and I still felt all over the place, so rather than thinking too far ahead, I decided I would do this one day at a time.


If you are like me, you have done the hard labor of implementing systems you teach others to do for a fee, only to have others book your services to copy your designs. It is much later in the session you realize the agenda. The lack of individuality of people who copy content without giving credit is a pain in my ass. Imagine them copying so much that they forget to change your link. It is sad. Money has been spent on marketing and branding for others to take it and book clients using your words. I feel bad for the clients.


The integral ones who know who we are, inspire many people but they will never say it, only repeatedly copy what you do. Sorry, I am not flattered. They will NEVER engage with you but will inbox you with a question or an offer. It has to be said, and here we are. I had a young lady message me to collaborate once she read about what I did in my practice. I was excited because I knew the power of collaboration. Well, we get to the meeting, and five minutes in, things go left. She pitches her services and invites me to partake under the guise of "this is the Lord's doing." Yes, she went there. You would have to know me to know that doesn't move me. I know people lie on God every day, so next caller.


My time was wasted then, and it has been frequent. I have pending invoices now that are sitting because clients either disregarded the agreement and contacted me every other month when they were ready to schedule or didn't pay. The agreement clearly says the number of consecutive sessions, so no, you can't come when you feel like it. I have concluded that those robbing people and adding no value are more respected than those impacting lives. Those who do everything to see people win are forced to disconnect and get blamed for the disconnection. It is sad, but we do this to each other. How can we grow as a community doing this? Why do you own a business if you don't pay others?


So answer these questions in your journal:

1.     Have you ever been in a position where you questioned continuing in business? What was that like?

2.     How many times have you received a message to collaborate only to have people pitch their services?

3.     Have you completed a service for clients to have them not pay?

4.     If you answered yes to any of the above, how did that change how you conducted business?


I can go on and on; what about the "you offer so much value, why do you not charge more?" Two months later, they needed the services they raved about, but an unexpected bill came up when you sent the invoice. I laugh when they say, "God told them to wait until next season. NEXT CALLER! Whew, help us all. Many burdens come with the business. I have experienced way more than what's here. Several times I wanted to throw in the towel because people do the absolute most, but I would never allow them to win. I have learned that I am not for everyone, that I do not have to serve everyone interested, and that "the price is the price."


Things I have learned to do:

      Never get on a session before I get my payment.

      Cancel contracts when clients become problematic.

      Honor my work hours. No calls or messages after the PC shuts down.

      Put people in their place when they come for me; the customer is not always correct.

      Keep records of everything.

      Fill my arsenal with multiple resources. They have burned me outsourcing services.

      Refer to those who send referrals to me.

      Do not allow anyone to get me to blind call anyone. They can schedule a session.

      Family and friends are not my customers. They assume they do not have to follow processes.

      My time, ideas, wisdom, etc., is not free.

      Pick My Brain means a consultation. Send an invoice; if they do not pay, we do not talk.


If you think these tips will help you, feel free to implement them immediately. As business owners, we must set boundaries too. Do not allow people to do what they would not tolerate to you. Yes, they will not like you, but if you are doing it for the likes of those who blatantly disrespect you, you should reconsider what you do.





Thanks for reading. I hope the information shared helps you discover what's limiting you and the steps to take to overcome it.

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