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Identifying Faulty Thinking


Faulty thinking is why you are not progressing!


There I said it. I did not say it to make you feel bad. I was taught that the truth sets us free, so hopefully, you will sit with the statement, do further research, and get the help you need. You have a purpose to fulfill. Do not allow your toxic thinking to keep you from the finish line. I was once that person. There would be this sense of “I can do it,” only for it to be followed by: it will never work. I am not supported; I failed at this before, and so on.


Distorted thinking is hell. My way of thinking (mindset) was described to the letter when I read a description of hell. There was no peace, only constant torment. The torment was so bad that I wanted to end it frequently. If you have ever heard of a self-fulling prophecy, the way we think is just that. Most believe it is what we say, but our thoughts are a frequency we put out in the world, too. We can not run from our thoughts. Although we assume they are secrets, they have the power to manifest in ways we least expect.


I often speak about self-sabotage. Self-sabotaging was my issue for decades. While it all has a lot to do with our mindset, self-sabotage is when we run with those thoughts and ruin our lives. The best way to evaluate our patterns is to pinpoint what we need to work on further.

We developed cognitive distortions to cope with adverse life events and increase vulnerability to depression. Negative life events are traumatic: violence, abuse of any kind, parents’ splitting, substance use, lack of finances to make ends meet, religion, etc. Anyone can experience these thought processes. What I have gone through brings me to bring awareness, hoping that it helps others to flee from thinking that does not serve our higher purpose.


Types of Cognitive Distortions:

  1. All Or Nothing- no gray areas in any situation. Everything is perfect or awful.

  2. Overgeneralization-defining a single occurrence as an overall pattern.

  3. Jumping to Conclusions-assuming what others' intentions are.

  4. Catastrophizing or Minimizing-one mistake is blown up as though it will ruin everything. Minimizing is when a person is awarded something but minimizes it believing they are not good enough, also known as Imposter Syndrome.

  5. Emotional Reasoning-taking how you “feel” as facts and trying to justify it. If you “feel” like a failure, you come up with reasons to prove it.

  6. Should Statements-these are based on what others around you think you should do.

  7. Blaming-never takes accountability; it is always someone else's fault when things go wrong.

  8. Labeling & Mislabeling-failing after trying something new and concluding that you will never be successful.

  9. The fallacy of Fairness-believes that since life is not fair, things will not work out in their favor.

  10. The fallacy of Change-assumes others should change to suit their interest. They believe their happiness is based on the person changing.



Ways you can change your thought processes:


  1. Accept that you have a pattern of negative thinking.

  2. Acknowledge that you want to change these patterns

  3. Reframe the experiences that brought about the way of thinking.

  4. Establish new habits by replacing the thoughts with positive thoughts.





Thanks for reading. I hope the information shared helps you discover any faulting thinking that may hinder your success and the steps to take to overcome it.


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