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Come Upstairs


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You’ve been in the basement far too long. The stairs were always present, but you refused to climb, or can you see it through the clutter? There was never a lock on the door, but you would not turn the knob. You stayed in the dark because you wanted a party in the basement with you, but no one RSVPed. How many parties must you throw before you realize no one is coming. Several guests opened the door, bid you to come, but you remained. Do you like it down there, or can you not hear the answer when it calls?  Are you immobile? Is that why you are stuck and become so accustomed to your state of being? Has dysfunction become your new norm?

The clutter is overwhelming. I think you know the staircase is there but have a hard time reaching it. Time to shift something around so that you can see your way upstairs. Did you know you can create a new world from chaos? You do not have to remain in the basement, but you have to will yourself to come out. Days are dark down there; nights are even worse. Each day you are depleted more and more. On the outside, your home is impressive. The landscaping is impeccable, and your window treatments are top-notch, yet you remain in the basement.  Has anyone knocked on the door lately?  Did you answer? According to Matthew, the eye is the lamp of the body. If the vision is clear, your whole body will be full of light, but if the eye is evil, your whole body will be full of darkness.  The longer you stay down there, the more darkness will consume you.  I am worried about you.

When did you get stuck? You were upstairs, but one visit to the basement arrested you. What triggered you to go back to the basement? Let’s start there. Careful unpacking and processing of everything wouldn’t have left room for a trap. Utilize the basement but do not think you can store trauma to collect dust. Eventually, it will seep through the boxes and call for you. That emotional setback is what positioned you back in the basement, but you have yet to come out. You are stuck again because you did not correctly unpack before. It drew you in; it called your name. It said, “you repressed me. I will show up everywhere until you heal me.” Now here you are, stuck in the basement of your mind. You are living in the subconscious, unable to enjoy the rest of your house entirely. There are parts of your home you have never explored. The basement has become your master.

So what now? You want to live in other areas, but you know no additional rooms, and you are afraid. Fear has you chained to the basement floor. How can you declutter and come upstairs when you are chained to the bottom, surrounded by boxes you are afraid to open, which hold the key to releasing you. But you must open each, unpack, sit in it and remove it. Avoiding it has not helped you and is the reason you can’t break free. You relive it, but you won’t deal with it. Did you know reliving it over and over is how it wired into your being? Deal with things as they come later brings trouble of its own.






The basement, your lower-level thinking, will only attract more clutter that you will store away as if it’s not real. Unpack those boxes, release the chains, come upstairs, and function from other areas of your home.

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Blog Inspired by a conversation with my friend Annette and teachings from my coaches Vanessa Brooks and Shantae Charles. Thank you all for the role you played in giving me the tools to come upstairs. 

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