What If

 Life is a tapestry of countless 'what ifs,' each thread sparking curiosity and perhaps a hint of anxiety. These hypothetical scenarios often lead us to ponder the different paths our lives could have taken based on our choices. 'What if I had chosen a different partner?' 'What if I had moved to a different city?' These questions can be both intriguing and paralyzing, as they open a window to alternate realities that are simultaneously fascinating and elusive. While it is natural to wonder about these alternate paths, it is crucial not to let them overshadow the present moment.

Reflecting on 'what ifs' can be a powerful tool for self-discovery, offering valuable insights into our desires and motivations. They can help us understand our values and priorities. For instance, if you often wonder about a different career path, it may be a sign that you seek more fulfillment in your current job. By analyzing these thoughts, you can make more informed decisions about your future, potentially leading to a more satisfying life. 

Recently, I found myself pondering the what-ifs after learning how I have sold myself short regarding my skills and pay. Feeling this way caused me to realign by taking an account of my skills, highlighting the common skills at every job, and using that to determine what I really wanted. Taking the time to do this has shifted me in a direction I never thought of. But I dug deeper. I began to look at why I sold myself short, settled for careers that did not pay me my worth, and didn’t feel worthy. Since I am actively working on mother wounds, I began researching how they affect self-worth. When we have a mother wound, it can be challenging to recognize our worth and value. We may struggle with feelings of not being good enough, never measuring up, or always seeking validation from others. Mother wounds can lead to a cycle of low self-esteem, self-doubt, and self-sabotage.

At that point, my “what ifs” played a little differently. They then became about what if my family appropriately loved.

  • What if I had nurturing parents

  • What if I had a mothers love

  • What if I had a father's guidance

  • What if I felt protected

  • What if I was not emotionally neglected

  • What if I got to see life differently

  • What if I wasn't born into a family who was mean to me

  • What if I had at home what I sought in others

  • What if I was encouraged

  • What if they saw me

  • What if I wasn't made to feel like the problem

  • What if my interests were important

  • What if they heard me

  • What if I walked away sooner


Recognizing and addressing these wounds is not just important, it's crucial for our healing and growth. By acknowledging their impact, we can begin the process of building a stronger sense of self and worth, paving the way for a more fulfilling and authentic life.

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