Dream KIllers

Dreams are your ambitions or visions (visions we see as we sleep). Dream killers refer to factors, people, or circumstances that can hinder, demotivate, or completely stop an individual from pursuing their ambitions or vision for their lives. When we have dreams or see visions, they often align with a higher purpose, and killing those kills the aspiration.

Before becoming knowledgeable through studying and meditation, I relied on those I thought were well-versed to understand what I saw. Some of my dreams were self-explanatory, while others were symbolic and required a greater understanding. At that time, I was unsure of my gift, so I sought help.

To most of our understanding, dream killers are those who "hate" on us, telling us we can not achieve that which we set out to do. We understand they speak ill of our goals and constantly put us down. Some of us will say they are family members, "friends," or co-workers who can not see beyond their paycheck. Life has proven that even the partners we have can kill dreams. They, too, will tell us what we want to hear while not supporting us, impregnating us, or telling us to hold off until they have achieved their desires. We can also be our dream killers when we allow fear in its manifold forms to prevent us from achieving our goals. 

One of the most overlooked dream killers to go unnoticed is the one we run to for an interpretation. We put these on pedestals because they carry a title or a "prophetic" gift. Did you know they can see you and be envious? They can purposely give you an inaccurate misinterpretation to deter your path. While we can classify them as haters, most won't be able to wrap that around their minds because this person is either their pastor, their spouse, or a ministry friend.

I've had a pastor try to belittle me about a dream I shared. Rather than give me a spirit-filled interpretation, he took offense and began to insult me in front of an entire class. He did that twice before, and I felt like I was done. Sitting in class and hearing some of the ridiculous shit coming from people who were "seasoned," but when I shared seeing how virtual reality was about to impact us, somehow he made that about me and how it would swallow me up. The following year, COVID hit and changed our lives, entering us into the very thing I saw our children being swallowed up in. 

Dream killers take many forms; be careful of those you wouldn't believe would try to hinder you. Refrain from trusting everyone with your dreams. Learn to write them down, seek an interpretation on your own, and pay attention to other dreams that may explain that dream. When I detached from the feeling that someone knew more than me because of a position or how long they had been "in Christ," I began to learn what I was seeing and being taught in the most supernatural ways. 

In addition to what's mentioned above, other factors can play a role in killing dreams. Be mindful of the internal and external sources:

Internal Dream Killers

  • Fear of Failure

  • Self-Doubt   

  • Procrastination

  •  Negative Self-Talk

  • Lack of Self-Discipline


External Dream Killers

  • Negative Influences

  • Lack of Resources

  • Toxic Environment

  • Societal Pressures

By recognizing and addressing these dream killers, individuals can better navigate the obstacles that stand in the way of achieving their dreams.

Thanks for reading! If you gained value from this reading, please share it with someone who may need this insight. I have other blog articles that speak to other factors that kill dreams. Check them out at your leisure.

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