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I watched an interview on A&E with a woman who shared her story about being raped and impregnated at age ten. She was nine when he started and had no understanding of what was happening. She told her mother, but her mom told her it did not occur, then later blamed her when she realized it was happening. Her mother told her she was fast. Yes, a nine-year-old being "rapid, quick, or abstaining from food" gave an over 30-year-old man the okay to undress and penetrate her. If I lost you, I included the etymology of the word, fast, and nowhere did I find that it meant as implied. Where did this foolishness originate? I am willing to bet it's right off a plantation, and we continue to abuse and indoctrinate our children with the same ignorance intended to keep us ignorant. Why is that always the go-to when sick people hurt children?

That's not it; she was forced to marry the rapist by age eleven. Her parents held the perpetrator to such a high standard because he held a position in the church. Her parents were ministers at the same church where they allowed their daughter to be raped. To them, it wasn't rape after they married her off to the man, inserts eye roll. The parents blamed her to cover up what was happening rather than protect her. Does anyone protect anymore? Is it all about destruction now? I have never felt protected, so I can imagine how this feels. Hear me out; this blog is not about the church, so continue reading. We have people high and lifted, in and out of the church, all of the time. We turn a blind eye to those we know are doing wrong because we are "loyal." We protect who is popular in all their error. We indebt ourselves to others' karma because we are accessories when we protect them. This behavior has to be a generational curse. Everything is a curse, except for what is a curse. It is time to wake up!

As I listened to her interview, I wondered how long she carried this burden before she began talking about it. I often think about how many others are holding on to the pain of what has happened to them. I spoke with a young lady once who was afraid to admit what her mother had done because she is a parent and would hate to have her daughter feel that way about her. At that moment, I realized how painful it is for some to express verbally what they are thinking. I do not believe we understand that we behave in a way that reflects what we feel when we could just talk about it. There is so much healing for us to do as a whole. I shed light on so much by telling my story unaltered. I do not hate anyone. I had to say that because some think this because I share my stories. My grandmother asked me if I hated them after she read my journal that contained letters to my child when I carried her. Truth sounds like hate oddly, but the way our family treats us is never considered hateful. Sometimes  I do not get the black community. I do get the survival mode most of us operate in, though.

I wrote this blog to encourage you to use your voice. It may be challenging in the beginning because you lost it along the way, but starting with something as simple as a blog can help. I started Soul Conversations for this very reason. There was a lot to share, and I needed to as I continued to heal. Yes, writing is therapeutic. Starting a podcast is another way you can begin to lift the burden. It is free, and all you need is either a phone or your computer to get started. Wherever you start, do so and perfect it along the way. I have noticed that "storytime" on TikTok has become a journal for most. I have had the opportunity to speak with a young lady who talked about how depressed she had been most of her life. She saw that I had published a book about my battle and thought it was a divine moment to have entered her store. I commended her for the bravery she possessed in being vulnerable. For a black woman, strength has been measured by how we can endure all without saying anything about it. We are only strong when we take it and shut up, but we are too masculine when we break the silence and establish boundaries. 

Another way to share your story is via publication. As most of you know, I am an author. I released my book Alone In the Dark, My Battle with Depression because I wanted others to know they do not have to feel alone. This is my first self-published book. I enjoyed the process, and I look forward to the next book. By the way, I am working on it now. Do not be afraid to take your power back. Manipulators know when they shut us up, they are in control. You can take it back! Share your story. 

How will you share your story unaltered? No sugar on top, raw, honest, and uncut? It is waiting to be released. 

Your account will help someone who may just need to know they are not Alone In the Dark. The proper support is what some need to feel comfortable enough to open up about what has happened to them. Releasing breaks generational curses that most claim they are doing. How can you stop a generational cycle if you fail to acknowledge its destruction in the family dynamic? Keeping our mouths closed and hiding things under the rug will not help our children. Eventually, all that clutter gets too big for the carpet and runs headfirst into the next generation until someone uses their voice.


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