You Are Worth The Investment


Do you think you are worth bringing the things you dream about into reality? What is it that you want? Be clear about it and make sure it has nothing to do with anyone else. Your desires are your thing, so do not consume yourself with how anyone else will think or feel. That is not your responsibility. I remember when I wanted a particular life so bad, I could taste it, and it had nothing to do with anyone else. It was what I saw when I went to sleep at night. It was what I imagined when I closed my eyes to gather myself after a long day of working to build someone else’s dream; it was what I talked about to friends and family, even what I wrote about in my journal. For a while, I believed in the dream, just not that I could attain it. I had to heal and evolve before I understood that I was worth the investment. I am not talking about someone investing in me; I mean investing in my future and where I desire to go. My investing started with counseling and coaching, and I have not stopped since. 

Do you feel that you are worth it? Are you worth making change for the better? It does not have to be the way it was. I know that’s all you saw with your natural eyes, but what about your spiritual eye? What do you see? I know it is significant and can be a little scary, but you can have it. One step at a time, you can have it all. It is time for you to live and not just exist. If you are a parent like myself, I grew tired of the same routine day after day, which did not include anything that would get me on track to what my soul was telling me to do. I got lost in the shuffle, and it took me years to find my way out of the maze. I am free today, and I am happiest because I have grown to love and believe in my ability rather than shrink them due to a lack of confidence due to the reoccurring self-abandonment.

Do you know where to start? I know it can be weird not knowing what the first step should be. But any effort different from the norm is a significant first step. Have you hired a coach? That would be an ideal step. Make sure you are honest with your coach; you get the maximum benefit when you are open and willing to do what it takes to fight against self-sabotage. For some, a counselor or a therapist is a significant first step. I had a lot to unpack, even to see the origins of where I needed to start the work. Therapy was like demolition to me. Once I had a clear view of the foundation,  I could heal, preventing any significant repairs moving forward. Imagine seeing a beautiful house that caved in because the foundation was faulty. 

Here is a challenge for you. Grab a copy of the book The Coaches Connect this book is loaded with amazing stories from 10 Life Coaches who are ready to help you go from goal to accomplished. I know you have been praying for a sign, and this is it; this is the opportunity you need to change the trajectory of your life for the better. The coaches can help in areas: mindset, emotional wellness, organization, finance, relationships, career, writing books, etc. You can not beat this! So what is it going to be? Are you going to invest in yourself and click the link?

Thanks for reading this article; if you know anyone who could benefit, please share it with them. 

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