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Write, Simplify & Flow


Habakkuk 2:2 says,

Write the vision: make it plain so that he may run who reads it. 



Write the Vision


 I can not count the number of people I hear saying they do not like to write when I tell them journaling is the core of my coaching practice. When I hear those words, they often remind me of Habakkuk 2:2. When setting goals, part of the manifestation process is to take what is in your imagination (vision) and put it on paper (write). Any other way is skipping steps that may hinder bringing forth what you want. As a journal therapist, I teach about the importance of writing and its benefits, such as sharpening memory, providing clarity, strengthening emotional wellbeing, boosting your mood, and improve your overall mental health, to name a few. You can google statistics about writing, and studies will show how important it is to do so. I am a dreamer. Dreams are writers. I have experienced missing out on something I foresaw because I failed to write it down. There were times when the strategy is crystal clear for me, but failure to write it while it is fresh caused me to miss critical details. 



Make it Plain


Writing the vision brings what's in your mind to paper so that you can make things clear (plain). What you saw in your mind becomes a goal that you can provide actionable steps to now that you have written it out—making it simple means you can make it make sense and begin to build. What we see may not always be the great things we desire at that time because there is a process first. The process involves getting us to that great thing by removing unnecessary baggage and developing us in areas. Often we want to overlook laying the proper foundation, not realizing this is what keeps us afloat. Building a house on a faulty foundation will cost you so much more in the end. For example, I always share with those who desire to start businesses, heal before going into business, or do the inner work simultaneously. Everything we fail to work out will show up in our companies; there is no way around it. If you experience trauma where money is concerned, you will either get over people to make sure you do not see poverty again; you will brag about everything you have for validation, or you may not feel confident enough to market. It all depends on the end of the spectrum you were reared.



Run with It


According to the etymology of the word run, it means to flow or reach. That made my heart smile reading that. Write it and make it clear by setting the goal and reaching the mark (run). This scripture is the best plan when it comes to accomplishing my goals. Three steps with sub-steps, and there you are, the manifestation. Of course, there will be hang-ups here and there, but that is the beauty of planning; you get to learn during the process to flow without blocks moving forward. If what you saw was something you have never done, appreciate the process because you can perfect it and help someone else—perfecting what concerns you involve those situations that come to stretch us that we try to avoid. 


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