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Relax & Recharge


Have you ever been so tired, but you pushed yourself rather than relaxing? Did you find that your work was mediocre during this time? Usually, when fueled, you give your best, but lately, your body has been signaling the need to unplug, but you ignored all signs. I know you are tired of hearing about self-care practices, but we have to recharge as part of being our best selves wearing the many hats we do. Your cell phone battery dies when it is constantly in use without recharging. So why do we give a device a break and charge it but not our bodies? You are stressing your organs out, so do this for yourself and understand the value in some R&R. 


Relaxing and Recharging do not always require going out of town, but if you can, do that too. I love the beach. The water is so relaxing; I can hear clearly and release any blocks that prevent my creativity from flowing. Finding that happy place for yourself is essential. Maybe a bookstore, a quick drive on the freeway listening to your favorite music, putting your phone on do not disturb, taking the children to their grandparents, seeing a movie at the local theater, etc. Whatever it looks like for you, find that place and recharge. You owe it to yourself.


Most of the time, we are not only physically tired, but we are also emotionally too. We say, “girl, I am so tired, I need a nap,” because we have never thoroughly understood the emotional part of us. As caregivers, burnout is real and will creep in if we do not have emotional; first aid in place. 


Signs of Emotional Exhaustion:

  1. You are short with everyone

  2. It takes you longer to fall asleep

  3. Projects go undone/Unmotivated

  4. Everything annoys you

  5. Panic attacks


These are only five signs indicating the need to recharge. If you have been experiencing any of them lately, try these emotional first aid options until you can get proper help in place:

  1. Remove stressors

  2. Meditate

  3. Take breaks

  4. Exercise

  5. Keep a gratitude journal


We say this all the time, “you can not pour from an empty cup.” yet we do it all the time. On one end, you feel you have to be there for everyone; on the other, we quote clich√© things like this to appear able to do what our bodies are telling us not to. Rest is okay; never allow anyone to make you feel otherwise. If you have to turn down some opportunities, do so because rest is more important. Normalize getting rest and not showing up to be seen; if you are empty, you will lack substance. What someone needs won’t be available because you are operating on E, and you refuse to fill up. 


Thanks for reading my blog article. Do not forget to take the time to relax and recharge. Please share on your platforms and subscribe. Until next time, say hello on Instagram


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