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Practice Makes Perfect


What does it mean to practice something? According to Webster, it means to perform repeatedly. Therefore, any activity, skill, or exercise we regularly do we are practicing, and practice makes perfect. We are rehearsing, and the more we hearse it becomes automatic. Imagine being a part of a dance team; daily, you are rehearsing your routine until the big day. Your feet hit the floor, and you are killing it. You embodied every move, and the song played in your head on repeat. You did so well you shocked yourself. I know it feels good, right?

Did you know we can rehearse self-sabotage too? I think we tend to miss that there is no disclaimer. Webster did not say “only when you practice positive things.” The Bible didn’t tell you we manifest what we ask or think, only if it is positive. So, what do you think is happening to the negative energy you give off through your words, thoughts, and actions? Playing past failures over and over is called rehearsing, so in doing so, you have perfected how to fail. Have you considered looking at what happened, reframing it, and growing from it? One thing did not work out, and it has caused a domino effect because you allowed it. We are more powerful than we think. What we feed grows, and giving up on ourselves is obese and has become a dominant response. Think about how many ideas you have, what has hindered you from taking one and running with it?

We dream, set goals, get five steps in only to fold. The inner chatter has talked us overboard, reminding us of each time something did not work, who did not support us, or how much we have in the bank. All of that self-talk, mixed with the range of emotions as you feel like what happed five years ago is happening again. The result is your full consent as you are an accomplice to the murder of your goals.

Trust me; it is not easy; when I write, it is from experience. Breaking dysfunctional patterns is just as complicated as pulling an infected stubborn tooth. However, if you want different, you will have to choose to do something different followed by some action. You will have to train yourself to go right when you have always gone left. You will have to separate yourself, study, meditate, journal, and heal. Greatness is there, but as long as you practice shrinking yourself, you will not tap into it in this lifetime. Do something different NOW!

Stop perfecting that which does not serve you until you are bitter and mad at everyone else but yourself. Our outcomes are a reflection of our inner chatter, beliefs, and emotional state. Take some accountability. Your evolving is a S.O.L.O project, focus on yourself and why you have not gotten where you desire to be. It is time to level up in our thinking, bring the scale from red to purple. Stop looking for someone to save you and save yourself. The house is burning. Will you pray the fire goes out, or will you use what you have to get out?


Thanks for reading this article. If it has motivated you to change, please schedule a consultation with me. I am a Certified Belief Therapist and Life Coach with S.O.L.O Coaching & Consulting available to help you go from goal to accomplished.


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