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How I Reclaimed My Voice


It took me over a decade to get here, but I have landed.  I can speak my truth without hesitancy, and it feels incredible.  My throat energy center decluttered through speaking, and it has not only helped me but others.  I allowed the pain to take my power, I handed it over to others, and it nearly drove me insane. I constantly questioned everything about my existence due to my fractures and having others project theirs onto me. If owning my story is the start of living my best life, I won’t stop until every center is balanced and I’ve reached my higher self. I recall being the one who would shrink back and isolate myself emotionally whenever faced with life’s challenges. I completely withdrew and took my hands off whatever I had going on at the time. It has been an absolute pleasure studying to show myself approved, healing, and evolving.


If you are wondering how I got here, allow me to elaborate. I arrived here because I did something that I talk about all the time. I healed for real; I got therapy, hired a coach, and allowed someone into my life to help me understand what was happening internally, giving me the strategies to heal. I learned to pray and put forth some action of my own. I observed my responses, which indicated areas of concern. I allowed my emotions to flow rather than repress them. I got away from situations that promoted pacifying trauma with praise breaks. I did what I had to do for myself!  I learned to detach from outcomes because I missed windows of opportunity, thinking things were to happen a certain way rather than receiving what I needed as it came.  


Becoming more self-aware helped me to see what I held in, my responses, and my triggers. I could not be around certain people because they triggered me. I kept abandoning myself going around family when they detonated explosives in me with every visit. Eventually, enough was enough, and I did what was best for me despite what anyone said. Family members are talented in making you feel bad for choosing to keep your distance, but if those are the attachments destroying you, detach.  The issue with most of us is that we are afraid to disconnect because we think it is not Biblically sound walking away from family. Some of us feel like doing so is walking in unforgiveness, and we should entertain who we forgive, and if it is real forgiveness, there would be no need for distance. Plantation information such as this is why most of us will not reach our full potential.  Our minds have me whitewashed and programmed so severely that we accept abuse and call it warfare.  


Attachments to the wrong things and people will keep you in bondage and silenced. These attachments convince us that speaking about something will only make things worse and to let it go. These words come from people who have mastered suppressing trauma and are probably dealing with many physical ailments. Speaking your truth does not create more pain; stop allowing people to silence you by telling you that.  Speaking your truth liberates you; holding on to it hinders you. Typically, when people want you to be quiet about something, it will either expose them or put them in a position to face their shadow—speaking up interrupt’s generational cycles. USE YOUR VOICE!


My healing journey has its ups and downs, but I refuse to walk away from myself for once. I hunger to know what it feels like to stick with being for me who I needed. I no longer concern myself with what someone else would think about me. I put LaToya first, and the rest is history. Choosing to work through my traumas was a life-or-death decision, and I chose life. I can authentically be myself and not feel ashamed. God created me with my own identity, and the more I heal, the more I uncover what’s within.


 Thanks for reading this article, please share it on your platforms if you found it beneficial. I have a group on Facebook called Unaltered Voices, feel free to join if you need help reclaiming your voice. 

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