The Perfect Time


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Let's admit it, waiting for the perfect time has created cycles of procrastination in our lives. Procrastination is the act of delaying or postponing something. This continuous delaying tactic is a form of self-sabotage that I will touch on in another article. How much have you delayed because the time was not right? Someone shared with me that they are confident in their ability to succeed, but they must have everything lined up before taking a step. I asked, what if within five years you are still saying that? Silence struck the room. It was entertaining watching the person wiggle out of that one. I have been here, I was that person, but I healed, grew up, and made the first step. I was the person who needed enough money before I made a decision, but amid the worse financial season of my life, I built a business. There was no support when I started. I believed, and everything I needed made its way to me. If nothing else encourages you, be encouraged that I did this without support. I took the first step because I drowned everyone who could not see me beyond what they had going on out. Even those who rooted for me but their actions said something different. The lack of support would not hold me back and send me spiraling any longer.

Most of us have idealized the perfect time, not realizing it was a delaying tactic. If we got to the bottom of it, we could trace the root, which is ultimately fear. "When my money is right" is code for "I am afraid of not having money for investments that may not profit me anything." We have made poor choices so much for so long we are afraid to do anything that could potentially pay off. There is a lot of undoing to do. Stagnancy is at an all-time high. COVID 19 has been used as a delaying tactic to a degree as well. Oddly, we were too tired and needed rest when people encouraged accomplishing a goal, but the online company's sales went up. Here we are, money to make the rich richer but not to invest in our future. Please do what you desire but be honest about what it is. I get it this was a mentally straining time for many, but how many sought counsel?  When situations are a detriment to your mental, we seek solutions, not excuses.

Ask yourself, what will make the time perfect? Then imagine someone supplying everything to cater to that ideal time. How would you proceed? Let's take a few steps back. Have you written out a goal? If not, why? How would you know if the perfect time has meet you if you have not prepared? Opportunity meets preparation. So, it's not time or resources; it's a lack of motivation to even think about your future. What would you do if all the resources were provided to get you started for those who have a vision? Prayerfully, you are journaling to go back and reflect on what you wrote, possibly getting to the root of what's going on with your belief system that is potentially holding you back from your higher self. 

Once you realize you will not have everything all at once unless you inherited it, that will help you take a step. I know it can be scary, like stepping in water, you cannot see the bottom of, but it is the only way to accomplish. You have to move! I was told by a trusted advisor, "It's time to take the next step." I was not sure what it was, but I had goals, and I had been preparing for a while for either of them. Several weeks later, an opportunity presented itself, and I was able to invest. Doors have been opening since. That was only one step. Coaches are available to help you, as mine helped me. Honor yourself enough to invest. As I always say, you owe it to yourself to become everything you desire. What do you want to do? When are you going to do it? Somebody needs what you have right now. You will not know everything all at once, but as you move, you will attract everything you need to birth out what's already in you. Take the next step NOW; the perfect time does not exist.

Thanks for reading, if you were encouraged to take the next step please share with others and reach out to me for a FREE clarity call. I am available to help you organize your steps making taking the next step simple. 


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