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#1 Most Scariest Rollercoaster


As a child, I loved rollercoaster rides. It was the highlight of any vacation with my dad or whomever I went it. They were huge, scary, and got my adrenaline rushing every time. I enjoyed the thrill so much I wanted to take a spin repeatedly. It did not matter if these things had me hanging upside down, entering a dragon’s mouth, taking me underwater, or looped me faster than I can think. I wanted it. Boy, was it fun! Of course, I wouldn’t dare do it alone; I needed company to experience them with me. I wanted them to feel everything I felt; there was no way I needed to be there alone. The scariest ride was not one I experienced on vacation; I was in my hometown. I stood there pondering the outcome if I went there. The longer I thought about it, the deeper I traveled into my thoughts. I no longer had control, I lost myself in it, and at the time, it felt good. I felt empowered going there, although the side effects were dangerous. After I got off the ride and became aware of my surroundings, I wanted to go again. From that moment on, I frequented that rollercoaster; it became the only one I want to experience. It was huge, and it took me from peak to pit every time. Little did I know it would be one of the hardest to stop riding. 

Who remembers the song by Vivian Green Emotional Rollercoaster? After recording a podcast last week, this song played in my mind prompting this article. The lyrics to the verse of her song goes as follows:


"Emotional rollercoaster

Loving you ain’t nothing healthy

Loving you was never good for me

But I can’t get off

Emotional rollercoaster

Loving you ain’t nothing healthy

Loving you was never good for me

But I can’t get off"


There was a time I sang this song, and I didn’t think I could get off either. I had no idea singing this song repeatedly after being hurt was setting me up to remain on the thing I confessed I could not get off. I rehearsed it time and time again until I thought what I was going through and the emotions associated were normal. I created a depressive state by saying it with my mouth, believing it in my heart, and amplifying it through the music. Do you know that music amplifies emotions?   I am not sure why we think we do not have the power to create. Do you think, by sending the word, a pair of hands is going to come out of the sky, catch those words, and abracadabra it for you? 


As I stated on the podcast, we choose to get on these rides. We met the height requirements, and we entered headfirst. Yes, we are blind to some things, and if we do not trust our gut, we ignore those instincts. Instincts are powerful. I know that’s demonic, too, right; anyway, it is your God-given compass to navigate through life, cultivate, trust and use it. Mine is getting better daily now that I am beginning to trust it. It will take a little practice, but you will get there. I also carry a journal to reflect on as it unfolds the way I felt, and in doing so, the trust grows deeper.


Anyhow, how many times have you rehearsed a traumatic event? I don’t mean bringing it into your conscious mind to rewrite the narrative; I mean to go over it repeatedly because you are addicted to feeling low. Lowliness gets you the attention you feed off, and on queue, you can go there. Well, did you know that trauma robs us of our power, and the more we rehearse it, we solidify our powerlessness? The people that join you when you host pity parties are reinforcing your state of powerlessness. Take it from someone who did this; the more you relive it, the harder it is to heal it. Think about a physical wound you failed to treat. It will take longer, and it has potentially caused damage in other areas of your body. It is profiting you absolutely nothing to continue carrying it. It does not make you strong because you can hold on to all the hurt and pain, sorry. 


I can not recall when I decided to get off the ride, but I did. It was nothing anyone said; it was merely a desire to do and have better. I saved myself because I chose to stop. If someone came here to save all humanity and that same someone said more wondrous works would you do that means you can save yourself, think on it? I took accountability for what I allowed, sought professional help, worked with a life coach, and did the inner work. Getting off the rollercoaster is one thing; staying off is another. Life will not be peaches and cream the moment you step off. Can you imagine how much we have to unravel? Healing will become a continual daily intentional effort but all worth it. You will get to know who you are and your soul purpose, see yourself differently, reclaim your voice, feel comfortable being yourself, and begin attracting the desires of your heart rather than what your trauma calls forth. I have never felt better about my life than I do now. 


Your time is NOW!



Steps to getting off the emotional rollercoaster:

  1. Stop singing the song
  2. Find a therapist
  3. Journal
  4. Practice Mindfulness
  5. Sit with your emotions


Thanks for reading this article. I hope something I shared encouraged you to get off the rollercoaster. I am a Certified Belief Therapist and Life Coach; if you would like to schedule a Discovery Session, use the link below.


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