I Became Who I Needed


What I Do

 My name is LaToya Nicole. I am a Bestselling author, Certified Belief Therapist, Life Coach, and organizer.  The name of my company is SOLO Coaching & Consulting LLC. I am virtual, so although I reside in Louisiana, my reach is not limited. In my practice, I have successfully integrated counseling, coaching, and organization to help clients process setbacks, get to the origin of stagnancy, and move forward with their goals and desires.  There is a direct link between a person's mental health and the area where they spend a lot of time. Hiring me as a coach means we would declutter first to lay a solid foundation to build on.

Organization was my first love. Years ago, I was on track to building an organizational company that would empower others to maintain organizational health. Still, I had not yet realized the inner work I needed to invest in before making that leap.  At that time, nothing worked out. I stopped before I could start, and life became a vicious cycle of disappointments. With every setback, I was sinking deeper and deeper into a pit of despair. Soon I gave up hope in myself and focused on helping others walk out their desires. No one could fathom the state of my emotions. I learned how to pretend, and eventually, I lost sight of what was real and what was an act. My healing journey started years ago. I did not share with many what was going on with me. I did not need anyone negating the decisions I made for my life, so I chose to go at this with only the support of my daughter, therapist, and life coach. Yes, I have a therapist and life coach. What we do for a living does not mean we will not experience setbacks in those areas.


Why I Do It

I have always loved helping people. I thought about things differently, although I suppressed my way of thinking most of the time. Pain for me started in my childhood. I experienced developmental arrest at school and in the home. Every day I am grateful to be alive as I have attempted to eliminate what seemed to be everyone's problem, me.  My healing journey started with investing in courses. Those courses opened up a new world to me. Finally, I was articulate my thoughts and dreams without minimization. It was beautiful.  As those fragmentations began to become whole, who I am, and my life's purpose became more transparent. All of the emotional catastrophes I experienced, the damaging mindset I carried, and my inability to go forth in life at that time would eventually play a significant role in what I do now.  I became my self-study. I stopped calling people who only made me feel worse, focused on my therapist and coach's tools, and healed myself.  Every step of the way, I documented findings, and I changed my outlook on situations.  My passion grew in the area so much so; I knew I could help others willing.


The Process of Becoming What I Do

So, I invested in courses that aligned with my desires. I certified as a Life Coach, became a contributing author in an anthology to get my story out there, and I certified as a Belief Therapist at Therapon Institute. Since then, I have added more value to myself and my brand by continuing in my learning. I chose to disconnect from ways of thinking that were not serving me to become for others what I needed.  It was all about being who I needed. I needed love, support, and cultivation. I needed someone to believe in me as a child. I wanted someone to be proud of me enough to help me get where I desired to go. I did not have that, so I became that.  I am not exempt from challenges; I am just better prepared to handle them. The mindset plays a huge role in the outcomes we have in life. Working on the mind and restructuring the brain is a continual effort where investing is needed. If it took 20 years to wire in toxic thinking, then allow yourself patience when wiring it out. Breaking unhealthy habits requires intentional work. Not sometimes, all the time.  As I write this, I am currently reading Dr. Leaf's book Switch on Your Brain for the third time. This book is one of the tools provided to me that changed my life. I also use it in my coaching practice.


You Owe it To Yourself

You deserve everything you desire. Do the inner work, invest where necessary, and embrace the life you want. Predispositions are not your portion. You do not have to walk the path family members did. The choice is yours. Your thoughts, choices, and actions all make the difference in creating the world you desire. If you need organization and time management help, look no further. If accountability is the missing link, I offer that too. Many coaches are in place to be of service. Coaches are the missing link between goals and accomplishments, so invest in the area you struggle in first. Coaches have coaches, so if this is an area you desire to operate in, go for it. Coaching is on the rise, and opportunities to expand your network are increasing. Your past will not hold you back anymore. Use past experiences to link the chain that will pull others out of the quicksand.


Thank you for reading my article. Please share with others who may be struggling with establishing their WHY. I understand sometimes we need activation, and this article may help with unlocking thoughts and processes someone may not articulate well. If you or someone you know is interested in starting a blog, please reach out to me for coaching. It is a simple process, and you can begin immediately once made knowledge.

SOLO Coaching & Consulting LLC


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